I’m sure the title of this post made you go like: ‘What!? She used those two words in one sentence!’ – but, believe me, it’s not apples and oranges, it’s possible, it’s doable. I’m not saying your kids will be magically transformed and will love you more and more every time you tell them to go outside and take out the trash, but they won’t give you an eye-roll, as well, trust me.


Chores are dreadful for all of us, not just kids. Moms and dads would surely like to have more time for themselves to do fun things or just take a longer rest sometimes, but when the pressure is off they become bearable.


Grown-ups know that some things need to be done and they need to grin and bear it. You know you need to iron the clothes even though ironing is one of the most boring things in the world, but, turn your favorite tv show on and iron away! It becomes more fun in an instant.


With kids it’s different. It’s not like you’ll have to trick them into thinking they’re playing and not actually helping, but to make chores seem less daunting and add a bit of fun to it. Actually, when you think about it, chores are a necessary way to teach kids responsibility and discipline, plus it allows you to spend time together. Maybe something funny will happen and then you’ll be recalling the anecdote days later.


It doesn’t matter how small the chore is – you should always start small. Even if your child is only 6, they can still learn to take their dirty laundry to the laundry basket and make their bed. And you should always make it known that their help is appreciated. Kids love to be helpful, but it’s your approach as a parent that makes or breaks their learning process.


If you need some help in the kitchen, one way to do it is to include playing with food. For example, they can help you transfer the chopped strawberries from one bowl to the other, or grate the cheese for the mac&chese, and then they’ll pass you the milk and you’ll use your AppliancesReviewed mixer or blender to make some tasty milkshake, and then you can both toast to your hard work.


Do you see what I mean? The little things that kids can do to help around the house will be of immense help to you, and they will feel competent and accomplished, it’s a win-win!