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What Happens When the Hot Water Dies?

Oh no! The water heater has just died, in the midst of your shower, to make matters worse. You want to scream and cry....


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Writing was just a hobby when I started. But later I found what I am capable of. That is when I decided to take things seriously and started to put some effort into it. I became a freelancer and started to write for various clients. They were really satisfied with my work and appreciated me for that. One fine day I thought why not reach more audience with my writing skills as I was good at writing anything. It was when I started, and there was no looking back from then.

What Happens When the Hot Water Dies?

Oh no! The water heater has just died, in the midst of your shower, to make matters worse. You want to scream and cry....


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What Happens When the Hot Water Dies?

Oh no! The water heater has just died, in the midst of your shower, to make matters worse. You want to scream and cry. Why did you opt for that gas unit? The pilot light always seems to go out. Well, you had no choice I imagine. Your stove is probably gas, too. You could switch to a tankless electric unit, but this appliance is not that old. You get out and run down to the basement to relight the pilot and get things cooking. If you work from home, this is a nuisance that can spoil your valuable train of thought. Nothing stifles creativity more than some mundane chore. If you are a parent, and a mother for example, you simply don’t have time for trivial tasks. I suggest checking your gas water heater from time to time to make sure everything is in working order. It is not difficult, of course, to light a pilot, unless your basement is dark and dank, maybe full of spiders. But if you have converted it into a play area, you want to be sure the metal menace doesn’t go off half-cocked and spew hot liquid. Get a professional plumber the first time to check all the parts and connections. It should take place immediately upon installation. Of course, you should have a warranty. I, for one, am pretty focused on my work as a freelancer. Writing was a hobby for me at first and grew into a passion. I love helping diverse clients meet their needs. This blog is dedicated to all who need help with written expression. Today I wanted to challenge myself to write about something ordinary, but critical, for most households: hence the water heater topic. I thought about doing this after experiencing some hard times with the appliance. I became quite preoccupied with the problem and read many reviews. It is not uncommon so I thought I would share. We all go through little household mishaps. It could be a leaky kitchen faucet, a running toilet, faulty outlets, broken cupboard hinges and countless other annoyances. Plus, think of all the things that can happen outside with your pool or patio grill. But within the group of possible problems, hot water failure reigns supreme. Nothing worse than being inundated by frigid water at an inopportune time. If you haven’t considered this dire scenario, take my word for it.  Plus, no one wants to wash clothes or dishes in cold water. We depend so much on the little niceties of modern life. When they go kaput, we realize their value.

Fun Ways To Keep Your Kids Engaged This Summer

Summer is a time that the kids yearn for the entire year, a time when there’s no school, no homework, no stress and all they have to do is chill, hang out and play with their friends and family. Summer is also a time to shape their lives in special and unique ways potentially. Since they have all the freedom and a lot of energy, this can be considered as an occasion to do something fun and productive with their time which will also mold their personalities in a good way. Structured activities, planned outings can build character, deepen the bond they have with friends and family and also help create special memories that they will reminisce for the rest of their lives. Here are some of the thing you can do to keep your kids entertained, happy and occupied this summer: 1. Have a chill day, or a couple, where all you do is wake up, probably swim in your pool, relax in the jacuzzi, eat whatever you want, watch a couple of movies and hang out with friends and family. Swimming 2. Organize play dates for your kids. Invite their friends over, while they have fun with their buddies you can have some time to work on your own things. Probably even connect with another mother/father. 3. Host a garage sale, tell your kids to clean out their rooms and sell everything they you don’t need. You can use the money that you get from the garage sale on a family outing or a party. 4. Get them into jewelry making and hand painting. Go to a shop and get all the necessary articles and teach them how to make DIY jewelry. And get them to paint as well. They will be glad to spend all day trying to paint and making ornaments.
  5. Get your camera out and make a home movie, you will treasure this forever, especially when they go off to college. 6. If your family is musical get your kids into the same or another instrument so you and your entire family can be like sort of a band. Get them also to sing and dance along; they will love it. 7. Tell them to keep a summer diary and also make a scarp book. In the scrapbook tell them to stick pictures and write about what you did the day the photo was taken. Picnic 8. Go on picnics, pack some sandwiches and get your kids in a car and go to your most spacious, most beautiful park and have a nice picnic. While they run around and enjoy themselves, you can take pictures, enjoy a good book or just hang out with your spouse. 9. Summer camp is also a good choice if you and your spouse want some alone time. 10. The best thing you can do is plan a vacation for you and your family. Somewhere you guys have never been, an adventure.

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