Why hello there…

Bear Pen // www.pensebrox.com

Long time no see! August was the start of a downward spiral. Each week someone new in the family was ill and then once again during the month of September. Various life duties started to pile up and I took something of a creative hiatus. Well now I’m back… miss me?

Three Months // www.pensebrox.com

During my time away Pen turned 3 months and now she is just a few days away from 4 months. My first completed project in a long time is a special dress for her 4 month photos.

4 Month Dress // www.pensebrox.com

This afternoon I also made some simple headbands with the Hello Kitty ribbon I found over the weekend.

Headbands // www.pensebrox.com

Next I’ll be working on Halloween costumes. Seb has changed his mind multiple times over the past few months but now is stuck on being a “Spooky Halloween Ghost” – which means he wants to wear a white sheet. Yup.

Bears // www.pensebrox.com

Despite all the recent chaos, I’m glad I remembered to get a photo of Pen (bottom) wearing Seb’s (top) bear hoodie. Seems silly but with both my babies growing up so fast I do like indulging in a bit of mommy sentimentalism on occasion.

Pen is two months and what I’m working on…

Two Months // www.pensebrox.com

Pen has hit the two month mark and is already out growing a lot of her clothes! With cooler weather just around the corner I’m considering August to be the official kick-off month for fall sewing projects. I made quite the haul last summer in regards to finding 4T clothing at yard sales for Seb so most sewing for him will be for fun. Pen will be in need of some basic layering pieces and I’m using Seb’s 4th birthday as an excuse to make her a party dress. Most of all *I* am in need of some wardrobe updates and hope to make much of it myself. My plans so far…

With a deadline
- Halloween Costumes (mid-October)
– Party dress for Pen (early November)
– Knight Hoodie (early November)
– Seb’s birthday invites (early October)

Without a deadline
- Casual dresses for me
– Casual shirts for me
– Explorer hoodies for Seb (x 2)
– Leggings for Pen (x6)
– Tunics for Pen (x4)
- Coat for Pen

Besides sewing with fall on the mind, I’ve been working on a project for a mystery challenge which will be revealed later in the month!

One Month // www.pensebrox.comTwo Months // www.pensebrox.com

July Roundup

July Collage // pensebrox.com

It’s August already and the summer seems to be flying by. Caring for a newborn and a pre-schooler still occupies a lot of my time so July was more time spent planning and less time doing. Even with my hands full I did accomplish a few projects this month.

Saturday Skirt // pensebrox.com

July was the month for pattern testing and blog tours. I had fun testing out Darcie’s first pattern release the “Saturday Skirt”. It was also my first post to this blog involving something I sewed for myself. While I did not mention it at the time, mentally it was a big deal for me to publicly post photos of myself with my post-baby bod. Especially since I’m not one of those women who slims down immediately. Heck, as the day of me righting this I’m still rocking an extra 40 pounds. I do have plans to start sewing more for myself in the near future and subsequently there will be more posts involving me.

LOL Swing Top // pensebrox.com

With the help of Pen, I also tested the LOL Swing Top by Jennuine Design. The results are adorable and I’m sure will be a staple for years to come. Already have plans for new versions including one that will be the basis for a Halloween costume! For just a few more days you can get an extra 20% off the pattern if you use the code “LOLRelease“. The discount ends 8/7.

Adventure Tee & Explorer Hoodie // pensebrox.com

The summer edition of Kids Clothes Week also happened in July. I used it as inspiration for my project for the Stitch Swap I participated in. The apple print knit fabric sent to me by Stephanie of Swoodson Says was perfect for creating both an Adventure Tee and Explorer Hoodie that I had purchased as part of the latest Pattern Anthology collection.

Shwin Helter Skelter Tee // pensebrox.com

This time around KCW had the theme “kids art”. Knowing the theme, I knew I had to do something collaborative with Seb for at least one project. Using fabric pens he created an abstract city on white jersey and I turned his creation into two colorblock tees using Helter Skelter Tee pattern from Shwin Designs.

July Roundup // pensebrox.com

My garden started producing in July but sadly the baby watermelon that I posted about was stolen by wildlife just a few days later. Pen also hit the big “one month” and it is hard to believe in just a few days she will already be TWO months old. Eep! At the start of August I have several projects at various stages right now and can’t wait to see what else the month brings.


Pattern Tour: LOL Swing Top

LOL Swing Top // pensebrox.com

Meet the LOL Swing Top, the perfect girls’ top with a bit of swing and racer back detail. Oh man was I thrilled to be selected to test Jen’s (owner of the blog A Jennuine Life and Jennuine Design) latest design. If the cuteness of the top were not enough,  it can also be made with woven or knit fabric! I tested the woven version which also features bias trim and a button (I used a KAM snap) closure. I found the top a breeze to make and would be a great project for a beginner.

LOL Swing Top // pensebrox.com


The pattern covers from newborn all the way to 12 years. When looking at the other testers’ finished projects, I was amazed how seamlessly the top transitions between age groups and looks great no matter the age of the wearer. As kids get older proportions change which I imagine makes designing something to work for both an infant and tween is some task. Not to mention the top looks adorable on small children and chic on the older crowd. Even though Pen is pretty immobile as a newborn the top still has some swing to it. Since the top is sleeveless it is perfect for warmer weather but with fall just around the corner I plan on whipping up a few more to throw over a long sleeve shirt and leggings for the chilly months.

LOL Swing Top // pensebrox.com

LOL Swing Top // pensebrox.com

The LOL Swing Top is a fast project, designed to work with woven and knit fabrics. It’s available in a wide range of sizes and totally cute – I consider this pattern to be a must-have for anyone sewing for a young girl. In a just a few more days the pattern will be released and you can acquire your own copy but until then be sure to check out the other testers on the tour to see more.

Edit 7/31/14: The pattern is now available for sale at Jennuine Design’s shop. Use the code “LOLRelease”  by 8/7/14 for 20% off the pattern!


LOL Swing Top // pensebrox.com

Stitch Swap: Apple tee and hoodie!

Adventure Tee & Explorer Hoodie // pensebrox.com

Boy was I trilled when I saw the red (and green) apple knit that Stephanie of Swoodson Says sent as part of the Stitch Swap in which Bloggers exchanged one yard of fabric and the challenge was to create something using the yard you received. While we are still in the throes of summer the apple print just screamed themes like “harvest” and “back to school” to me so I was inspired to pair it with a plaid print that nods to colder times that I’m sure will be here before I know it!

Adventure Tee & Explorer Hoodie // pensebrox.com

Besides making the awesome Adventure Tee from the recent Pattern Anthology collection, I had plenty of leftovers to also create a coordinating Explorer Hoodie also from the same collection. Both patterns are quick sews (made them both with two of my hours during Kids Clothes Week) and has plenty of options to customize.

Adventure Tee // pensebrox.com Explorer Hoodie // pensebrox.com

Thank you so much Stephanie for sending such an inspiring fabric to work with! Today is the last day of the Stitch Swap tour so be sure to check out all the fantastic creations made by the other bloggers on the tour. I sent fabric to Emily of Tangible Pursuits who is also posting today and I can not wait to see what she makes!

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Thursday July 24th
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Friday July 25th
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Adventure Tee & Explorer Hoodie // pensebrox.com



Kids Clothes Week: Neon Lights Tee

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

Today marks the start of Kids Clothes Week! I figured I’d be lucky to squeak out a single project from conception to completion this week so I’m taking every opportunity for a little bit of spare time I can get. Even though it’d be nice to get a head start on fall sewing, the “Kids Art” theme really inspired me to focus on collaborating with Seb.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

For our first project, I stretched a piece of 100% cotton jersey over Seb’s table and let him go to town with neon fabric markers I had recently purchased. He literally went to “town” because when the fabric was finished I was told that he made a city for his cars.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

The diagonal color block on the Helter Skelter Tee by Shwin Designs seemed like the perfect compliment for our custom fabric. Despite it being my first time working with the pattern, it came together quickly. On the blue tee I did royally bungle the neckline. PSA: If you are going to whip your head around to tell a 3 year-old to stop trying to sit on top of the ac window unit while serging, you should not keep on serging at full speed. To quickly fix the “oops” I went around a second time making the neck binding narrower and the neckline  slightly bigger.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

While the fabric markers are not my preferred medium when decoration textiles they are something I’d use again if working with a young child. Just be warned that the markers we used (Graffiti) were not exactly up to aggressive amounts of pressure and Seb knock a few of the tips off. They still worked but without the fine line.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

The Olive Green Thumb: You say tomato…

Tomato // pensebrox.com


Sugar Baby  // pensebrox.com


Since the birth of Pen my garden has been pretty much left to its own devices. This included not tilling my two raised beds until well into June. I was pleasantly surprised by this stealth Sugar Baby watermelon plant (second photo) that popped up on its own. It even has a tiny watermelon! Last year I planted a few watermelon seeds that never came to fruition. My other bed also features a mystery plant that cropped up on its own. My vote is cucumber but we will see.

Most of my 12 tomato plants are doing well and some are even sporting fruit (first photo). This weekend I hope to get out in the garden and give everything a bit of tlc.

One month already and future projects…

One Month // www.pensebrox.comSummer seems to be flying by and would you believe that as of today Penelope is already ONE MONTH OLD? Gah! Already a good sport, she has been helping me test two super awesome patterns for designers that I’m a huge fan of. Both projects will be revealed later in the month! Once Pen is beyond the itty-bitty stage I’ll miss making clothes from little more than scraps. Also coming up is the results of an exciting exchange I took part in. Who knows if I will get anywhere participating in the upcoming summer Kids Clothes Week but I’d like to at least give it a shot. Especially since the theme (kids art) has so much potential!

Saturday Skirt for Women

Saturday Skirt // www.pensebrox.com


This past week I had the joy of testing Darcie’s (Mimi’s Mom) first pattern. The “Saturday Skirt for Women” would be a great basic to have in any wardrobe and comes complete with a large side pocket! I’m always amazed when I come across ladies daywear that does NOT have a pocket. I tried make the skirt using a single fabric for the body and my brain became obsessed with doing a horizontal color block so I gave that a shot as well.

Saturday Skirt // www.pensebrox.com


The color blocking also helped ease my frustration over the fact that I only bought 1 yard of the nifty wood print fabric that store was now sold out of. At the time I just grabbed a bit not knowing what I would do with it. It was a big “doh!” when I realized that I wanted to use the fabric for ME and I tend to need more than 1 yard to make something for myself.

Saturday Skirt // www.pensebrox.com


Saturday Skirt // www.pensebrox.com


Right now you can grab the pattern for $5 if you purchase by Friday. Fear not though if you missed the sale, the regular price of $8 is still a steal for a pattern that I’m sure would become a staple!

June Roundup

Penelope // Pen Seb Rox

The big news of June: Pen made her grand entrance into the world! Now I have a model for all my baby girl creations. While she has become a foil to my productivity, her cuteness makes it hard for me to care too much.

Winner! // Pen Seb Rox
June was also a “lucky” month for me. I received three prizes from giveaways graciously hosted by Gracious Threads, PiePie Designs and Porcupine Stew!

June Roundup // Pen Seb Rox

What else was I up to during June?

Changing pad and sheets created from thrifted sheets
Thrifted vintage Duplo
Sleep shorts for Seb
Thoughts on buying knit clothing for up-cycling
Crafted a Princess Bubblegum inspired “costume” for Pen

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